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High-Speed Centrifuges

HiCen T HiCen FR
High-Speed Tabletop Centrifuge High-Speed Floor Centrifuge
HiCen SR HiCen XL
Large High-Speed Centrifuge Extra Large High-Speed Centrifuge


High-Speed Floor Centrifuges – for large Volumes


All centrifuges of the HiCen series have the same technical concept: The robust, long-living and maintenance-free frequency-drive without carbon brushes, the intelligent Herolab APRI™–Automatic Positive Rotor Identification as well as the very high safety-standard including the motoric cover lock guarantee a comfortable and safe system for the user.
The models of the series HiCen T and HiCen F are available as cooled or non-cooled system. In the series HiCen SR and HiCen XL the cooling is standard. The control panel is identical for all Hi Cen models. There is a wide range of rotors, tubes and adapters available for the High-Speed Floor Centrifuges.