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Spot Hunter

Spot Hunter
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Spot Hunter

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Robotic System with integrated fluorescence detection unit
for automatic extraction of selected protein spots after 2-D electrophoresis

The Spot Hunter is the new generation of proteomic workstations offering utmost flexibility, accurateness and reliability on minimal footprint.

 Three versions are available:

 Standard Type

gel size up to 315 x 235 mm

picking area: 285 x 205 mm

 Small Type:

gel size up to 280 x 220 mm

picking area: 250 x 190 mm

 High Throughput Type:

gel size up to 340 x 290 mm

picking area: 300 x 250 mm


Contact us if other sizes are required.


The combination of the three essential steps of proteomic analysis – image capture, selection and extraction – in one housing provides a faster and more efficient work.



The image is captured from 2D gels stained with all common methods like Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain or fluorescent dyes like SYPRO® Ruby with an application-specific configured high-resolution CCD camera. All Types are equipped with a White Light LED Transilluminator.

Ø      The easy4science software detects interesting protein spots, creates a target list and transfers it to the picking unit.


The selected spots will be automatically extracted under contamination free conditions and then transported into one – or with the High Throughput Type into four – standard microtiter plates (96 or 384 wells).

The light-tight housing enables the detection of fluorescent dyes. The gel supporting surface is illuminated and can be optionally cooled in order to avoid deformation of gels. Control and positioning of the x- and y-axes of the picking unit is carried out with the help of two mini cameras which make the process visible on the computer monitor (available as an optional extra).

A unique feature of the Spot Hunter is the simultaneous and speed-conform suction of the spot during the downward movement of the needle. Depending on the gel quality, the cylindrical form of the punched-out spot will not be damaged. The software easy4science is supplied with a high performance Quad Intel computer system including Windows® XP or 7 or 8 Professional and 24” TFT-Monitor (has to be specified with the order).

The GLP conform documentation of the process enables an exact backtracking of the spot.

For 96 picks the Spot Hunter needs no longer than 20 minutes.


 Video: Spothunter2010_12Spots    Video: SpothunterLightPlate


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