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♦   Innovative - Centrifuges, Imaging Systems, UV Products

♦   Experienced - 40 years of development and production for Life Sciences

♦   Flexible - Customized product modifications




Herolab has been developping and manufacturing laboratory centrifuges for 40 years at its plant in Wiesloch near Heidelberg, Germany. Worldwide, laboratories in the life sciences, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and others profit of these powerful and reliable centrifuges.

You can choose between eight table-top models, two under-bench units and three large floor standing centrifuges. Separation technology with cooling, inert gas purge or robotic centrifuges - we adapt to your requirements!

E.A.S.Y® Win has been the world's known analysis software for gel documentation from our company. The imaging systems, in-house developed, are also convincing from the performance of the CCD cameras and lenses as well as the ease of use. Choose according to your needs between five different models!

UV technology with PCR workstations, crosslinkers, UV handlamps (analysis lamps), transilluminators and germicidal lamps form the third pillar in the product range. A wide range of models is available for your!