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For more than 30 years, the core competence of Herolab is based in Centrifuges with the necessary accessories and its ability to meet the needs of any application – from the small table top centrifuge to the high speed floor model with a capacity of up to 6 liters. Herolab attained to the illustrious circle of high speed centrifuges manufacturer and is well-known to customers all over the world. Different rotors and accessories provide unlimited versatility. More than 250 different tubes and bottles for high-speed and ultra centrifugation leave nothing to be desired.

The Gel Documentation products include sophisticated imaging systems and specialized E.A.S.Y® Win32 analysis software modules. Camera configurations and control software are adapted to suit a variety of different applications. All matched in complete systems that are affordable and easy to use. Beginning with inexpensive imaging systems and ending with chemiluminescence detection capabilities of a double-stage cooled, high-resolution camera.