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Herolab High-Speed Centrifuges

In liquids, other particles are often dissolved or there are undissolved particles. These particles have a different density than the liquid. Thus, the centrifugal forces that arise in the rotation in a centrifuge, exploit to separate the solid from the liquid phase accordingly. The heavier parts sediment and settle as pellet at the bottom of the centrifuge tubes or bottles. The liquid remains as supernatant.



All Herolab centrifuges are non-refrigerated or refrigerated High Speed centrifuges (no ultracentrifuges).

We do not offer low-speed centrifuges.

Our centrifuges are characterized by the following features:

- Microprozessor controlled

- Maintainence-free brushless induction drive

- Dynamic electric brake system.


We differentiate centrifuges of Red Line and of Blue Line.

The Blue Line models are table top centrifuges for microplates and volumes of 2,2 ml up to 4 x 200 ml,

the Red Line models are table top and floor standing centrifuges for volumes up to 6 x 1,000 ml.


We offer models with or without cooling.


Available as an option for Red Line models:

- Water cooling

- Nitrogen purge

- Robotic centrifuge


Yoe see the models in the gallery below or you can select the models in the menu on the top right.

Blue Line EN

Refrigerated or non-refrigerated
High Speed TableTop centrifuges

up to 30,000 rpm / 70,434 x g

max. 4 x 200 ml


Red Line EN

Refrigerated or non-refrigerated
High Speed TableTop and Floor Standing centrifuges

up to 21,000 rpm / 50,743 x g

max. 6 x 1,000 ml