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E.A.S.Y Win

Many years of experience in developing high-performance software and systems

More than 15 years ago our GLP conform E.A.S.Y Win software was released. Herolab has been a driving force over the past eight years in the development of Software and Systems for the documentation and analysis of DNA/RNA Gels, Protein Gels.

Accurate and user friendly - Thanks to your cooperation

The E.A.S.Y Win software is the final combination of your ideas for improvement and development with our experience in gel documentation. Today E.A.S.Y Win is the trademark for highly precise and user friendly analysis software. If GLP conformity as well as reliability, reproducibility and objectivity is significant for you the E.A.S.Y Win software fulfils all these needs.

Takes full advantage of the Windows operating system

The CCD Camera Interface with Integration and Overflow Control is integrated in the Windows version of E.A.S.Y (available only with Herolab camera systems). E.A.S.Y Win is capable of directly downloading images from a monochrome video camera (gels), colored camera (microscope) or flat-bed scanner (autoradiograms etc.), and takes full advantage of the Windows operating system.

On base of Module A we offer a broad range of Analysis Modules ...

The export functions are numerous, pictures as well as the corresponding data analysis sheets can directly exported to Microsoft WORD / EXCEL or with delimiters for other programs. On base of Module A we offer a broad range of Analysis Modules to fulfill the needs of a variety of scientific research applications.


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Module A

Basic Software


Module C

Spot 2D Analysis of Single Volumes


Module E

Microtiter Plate Analysis


Module G

Programmable quantitative Row Analysis (PCR)


Module B

Molekulargewichts- und Volumenanalyse


Module D

Dot Blot Analysis (ELISA)


Module F

TLC Analysis