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Module A

Product Description

Basic Software

The basic software Module A offers unique GLP conform image digitizing and storage facilities. Files can be stored and loaded in a virtual office organization which is fully extended with thumbnails images as well as GLP conform image data information. The history of the original image is automatically logged and every alteration or manipulation is recorded in one file which is inseparable connected to the image.

To ensure the GLP conform invariability of the data we use a protected file format which cannot be manipulated. Nevertheless E.A.S.Y Win32 is open to a variety of file formats (e.g. TIFF, BMP, JPEG, CMS, GIF, PCX, PNG, SMC and others) which can be imported and analyzed. A full range of image improvement and data processing features, such as Artifacts Removal, Background Adjusting, Cut/Copy/Pasting, 3-D Graphic Creation, Full Annotation and Image Improvement Filters for producing publication quality documentation is included.

  • Cut/Copy/Paste features
  • Magnification toolbar
  • Contrast enhancement
  • False color display
  • Text / Annotation (adds text to picture), Textrotation
  • Artifact removal feature
  • Background Correction
  • Image rotation and 3-D Display (see picture on the right side)
  • Image calculation
  • Sharpness, smoothening filters for image improvement (Median, Gauss, Laplace etc.)
  • Data Organizer (Tree Structure)
  • Language Settings English and German
  • Factory-Default Buttons (resetting of default parameters)
  • GLP Conformation (history of original file): Image information with record and memo area and optical indication for Imported images, Collage, Filter
  • Open DLL-Interface for Add-on Functions
  • Macro-Generator
  • Printouts on Video printers and Thermo Sublimation printers as well as Laser printers
  • and more...


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