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Module C

Product Description

Spot 2D Analysis of Single Volumes

  • Quantification of various patterns (Gel Bands, Spots, Dots etc.)
  • Optical Density determination of relative areas
  • Determination of concentrations with graphic display of the Calibration Function
  • Determination of relative volumes in ‰
  • Peak detection parameter (threshold) can be adjusted and stored for further use
  • 3-D Display of scanned area
  • Results displayed in spreadsheets with selectable columns showing Band position, Molecular Weight, Average Height, Integrated Area, Volume, Calibrated Volume, Relative ‰

Automatic Export Facility:

  • Results can be transferred directly to MS Word or MS Excel in a spreadsheet format with the option of exporting the image as well. Export Delimiter Setting for other programs and more.......

This E.A.S.Y Win32 analysis module requires the basic software Module A. Any combination with other E.A.S.Y Win32 analysis modules is possible.


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