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Module F

Product Description

TLC Analysis

  • Determination of Rf values
  • Optical Density determination of relative area
  • Single and Multi-Lane Detection
  • Peak detection (horizontal, vertical, signal filters) and calibration features (time, length diameter, separation etc.) can be adjusted separately and stored for further use
  • Library of Molecular Weight Standards (with editor for personal standards) which can assigned from Module B
  • Start-End-Line Settings
  • Smiling-"Gel" Correction · Histogram Display
  • 3-D Display of scanned area
  • "Rapid" Molecular Weight writer with arrow header
  • Calibration function with graphic display of Regression Curve
  • Results displayed in selectable spreadsheets showing Rf values, Number of Peaks, Volume, Integrated Area, Relative ‰, Calibration

Automatic Export Facility: 

  • Results can be transferred directly to MS Word or MS Excel in a spreadsheet format with the option of exporting the image as well. Export Delimiter Setting for other programs and more.......

This E.A.S.Y Win analysis module requires the basic software Module A. Any combination with other E.A.S.Y Win analysis modules is possible.


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