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Gel documentation, densitometry and analysis with GLP conformity

  • The Herolab gel documentation system E.A.S.Y® Doc plus - complete with a new Scientific Grade CCD-camera - and its analysis software E.A.S.Y® Win are synonymous with its high quality and user-friendly design. The growth in the number of systems in use worldwide and the exceptional average life cycle are proof as to the quality of this system.
  • The use of a highly sensitive camera, a light-sensitive zoom-lens and a special set of filters allows the detection of smallest sample amounts. The modular concept allows for easy handling and use. The system components can easily be configured for a wide range of imaging applications.
  • The Herolab system can be connected to most computer systems. It is also possible to use any of the components to provide an individual solution if required.



Gel documentation system E.A.S.Y® Doc plus


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