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Germicidal Lamp


Safety Advice:

UV light, and in particular UV-C, which is used for germicidal lamps, is extremely harmful to your eyes and skin.

Never look into UV-C light, you may become blind. Irradiation of the skin can also lead to severe burns and cancer.

This means, that in rooms where UV light is used with our lamps to reduce the germs in the air or on surfaces no persons are allowed to be present.


Product Description



  • Degermination of air: Degermination of the air using UV irradiation causes a significant drop in the overall level of germs in the air.

  • Decontamination of surfaces: Please be aware that microorganisms which are in the radiation shadow or in lines or cracks will not be affected. Hence it is important that conventional methods of disinfection like heat or chemical substances should be used in addition to UV in some cases. 


Advantages of our Germicidal Lamps:

   - 5 different models available, roller for lamp also available

   - lamps are ozone free

   - long lifespan of the lamps, averag life span of 9000 hrs.

   - on/off-switch and longer cable available free, on request


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