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Germicidal Lamp

Product Description


  • De-germination of air

The main field of application for germicidal lamps is in the direct and indirect de-germination of air. Microorganisms floating around freely in the air are affected by UV radiation where conventional methods of disinfection fail or cannot be used. De-germination of the air using UV irradiation causes a significant drop in the overall level of germs in the air.


  • Decontamination of surfaces

When decontaminating surfacess, bacteria which are in the radiation shadow or in lines or cracks will not be affected. Thus,  the UV radiation can reach only part of the bacteria. Hence it is important that conventional methods of disinfection like heat or chemical substances should be used in addition to UV in some cases. For the de-germination of surfaces UV radiation is an important addition but should not be considered as replacement for the other methods.


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