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Laboratory automation

New concepts in the automation of life science processes are becoming a reality in more and more laboratories: The transport of samples and labware between stations or devices is no longer done manually, instead robots often take over the tasks.

The integration of classic laboratory equipment into such a concept usually requires adaptations to the laboratory equipment in order to ensure smooth interaction with the robot. Herolab has been facing these challenges for many years with a special line of devices, the RobotCen.

In close cooperation with a robot supplier, it has now been possible to reach the next major milestone in the synchronization of robots and centrifuges and thus significantly broaden the range of applications of the entire system.


Scientific report of Fraunhofer ISC, Würzburg

Scientific report


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The Robot Cen 

The RobotCen is designed to interoperate with laboratory robots, combining the advantages of a universal centrifuge with the specific requirements on lab automation. Crucial to success is the synchronized collaboration between the lab robot and the centrifuge: The communication with the centrifuge is done via a serial port while the control unit of the centrifuge guides the rotor exactly to the pre-defined position and the robot arm then automatically performs the loading and unloading.

Besides swing-out rotors, this robotic centrifuge can also run fixed angle rotors, with revolutions of up to 11.000 rpm. Thus, the unique advantage of the RobotCen is the significant broadening of the centrifuge application spectrum when interoperating with a robot in a laboratory.

To master these technical challenges Herolab has once more entered unchartered territory: The key is an intelligent technological solution which ensures the exact rotor positioning, at the same time offering the application spectrum of a normal lab centrifuge - including fixed angle rotors.

The result is quite impressive: While the customer can tailor the configuration of the RobotCen to its individual requirements, this robot compatible centrifuge offers compelling user advantages and thus multifarious opportunities in the progressing automation of laboratories.