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UV Transilluminators

Product Description



  • Excitation of dyes (Ethidiumbromide, SYBR dyes) for detection of nucleic acids

  • or visualisation of protein bands in gels (Coomassie, Silver stain) by white light: White Light LED transilluminator or UV transilluminator with converter plate



   - Homogenous illumination of samples through special reflectors of refinded aluminum

   - Effective use of the high intensitiy of the tubes

   - Herolab LongLife® Electronics: Low heat generation, quick start without flickering, long service life

   - Stainless steel filter frame, powder-coated housing, counter-sunk switches

   - High Contrast (HC) models available – Reinforced contrast by improved characteristics of the filter plate


 Blue Light LED and White Light LED transilluminators available - see page 8 of the brochure


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