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UV Products from Herolab:


- Transilluminators:

Models in five different sizes, from filter area 11 x 14 cm to 20 x 40 cm, are available in three UV wavelength ranges in different designs.

- PCR workstations:

We offer you the CleneCab or the CleneCab plus with integrated crosslinker to choose from. The transparent acrylic glass housing and the protective front panel are convincing. 

- Crosslinker:

The Crosslinker CL-1 has a long lifetime (aging-resistant sensor) and is easy to use. 

- Germicidal lamps:

A variety of disinfection lamps for wall or ceiling mounting or for a roll tripod are manufactured in-house. The UV lamps, 15 Watt to 110 Watt, are very effective in killing bacteria, fungal spores and viruses in the indoor air.

- UV accessories:

UV protection utensils and UV tubes are listed here.

- UV analysis lamps:

High UV intensities guarantee good detection. More than 35 models are in our range.


All devices are manufactured in our company in Wiesloch, Germany.

UV Transilluminators

UV Crosslinker EN

UV Accessories



PCR Workstation

Germicidal Lamp

UV Analysis Lamps